Consignment Criteria


100% Authentic Items which are subject to authentication.
Brand new, mint and/or excellent condition. Items must be no more then 2 years old (exceptions made for vintage/classic pieces)
Items must be in pristine condition (no rips, stains, wrinkles or missing buttons)
Items must be clean, fresh and ready to wear brought in on hangers. Hangers will be returned to you upon request.
Sweaters and pants may be folded.
Handbags, accessories and jewellery should be stored in their original garment bags and boxes to increase value and sale potential
Refer to some of the Designers we love on our Designer Index page.

How It Works

1. Make an appointment to have us review your items in our store.
2. We authenticate your items and determine the current resale price.
3. We will email you with a pricing inventory list.
4. Once you approve by pricing via email your items are then placed in-store for sale.